Al Gore Is Back With His $15 Trillion Tax Scheme To Reduce CO2 - Because We Really Hate Trees and Plants That Depend on CO2

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  • dead_man_walking reply What can we do to make a positive difference and help restore balance?
  • dead_man_walking reply My father was a political scientist. He always told me have a responsibility to do something, to make a change, when the times call for it. I just recently found Paul Watson on YouTube and started watching every video of his I could find. One of his videos he talks about how we need more people doing the actual footwork for this new alternative style journalism. The abolition of free speech among social media outlets is unacceptable. What can we do to hinder this process?
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Al Gore Claims that the ARAB Springs was caused by Drought and the people were Economic Migrants seeking food. Put that Goof Al Gore into his place when he claims that Drought caused the Arab springs, the real cause of the food riots was that massive amounts of food were turned into fuel. The Globalist forced up the price of fuel, when they asked the Saudi's why the fuel was so high, they said their selling it at the same price. It your money traders on Wall Street that have speculated on the price and driven it up. They engineered the price hike in OIL so massive amounts of Food were Turned into Ethanol. Turning food into ethanol is ‘madness’ This article is from 2010 Domestically Produced Ethanol Worth the Cost? The result was rapid food price increase and food shortages, It looks...more like Al Gore is lying once more. When he brings up the BS that the ARAB SPRINGS was a food crisis remind him that WHEN you turn food into fuel it's not a drought but a weapon of destabilization. CLIMATE HUCKSTER AL GORE JUST MADE A SHOCKING CLAIM THAT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH UNTIL IT HURTS!
  • GlennTheFrog reply Woo!!! Brain Force PLUS!
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