The Alt Right is, All Right?

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  • [ – ] Politiekman reply I just came in here to tell you the comma is in a different place in the thumbnail and in the title. Please fix
    • [ – ] MCBTVe parent reply I noticed that too. I'll fix.
      • [ – ] Politiekman parent reply Thanks Also, good video; I agreed with most of the points you raised, although I did skip through some of the part with your mother 'cos it was running a bit long. The problem with Spencer, is that he's an idiot. I'm not part of the Alt-Right, but I have some contacts who are. The Alt-Right is a much more diverse group than Spencer makes it out to be. Its most vocal members are white nationalists, but there are also culturalists and regular nationalists. In addition the Alt-Right also has a strong presence in Europe, which is something Spencer doesn't seem to acknowledge at all. Oh, and the Frog people are the source of the Alt-Right, but their memes have been largely co-opted by the centrist™ skeptic™ rationalists™.
        • [ – ] Politiekman parent reply also, there are non-whites in the Alt-Right as well, albeit in a minority.
          • [ – ] MCBTVe parent reply I really appreciate your comment. I had a hell of a deal with comments on this on my YouTube that I had to take it down completely. I'm going to post more on this so in hope to get your input on those as well.
            • [ – ] Politiekman parent reply Yeah, comment sections can get pretty nasty. It's amazing how deep some people get entrenched in their ideologies (this goes for all ends of the political spectrum btw). I believe open dialogue is the way forward, even if you might not always agree on everything. I followed, so I hope to see more of your content in the future
              • [ – ] MCBTVe parent reply Hey man. I ultimately decided not to pursue this story anymore, partly because it's old news and because It turned out to be too easy of a target to hit. It's like Colbert making jokes about Trump, any idiot can do it. Sorry if I mislead you, I honestly wanted to continue this as a series.
                • Politiekman parent reply no worries mate, I'll keep an eye on your channel, so I may pop up in the comment sections nonetheless. Good luck!
              • MCBTVe parent reply I actually invited one of them on a live stream and he considered it but gave an excuse why he can't. Thanks for the follow. Yes, this series has 3 or 4 parts
  • [ – ] PalconFunch reply The Alt-reich
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