MOON SIGNS RANT! (Tumblr inspired)

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  • [ – ] Greebly reply Ok, so I had just signed up for Vidme last night after seeing a craigslist ad from a musician/songwriter/filmmaker who recommended your vlog in his vlog. I think because I am new your responses didn't post, but when I wake up this morning there they are. So, sorry for all the confusion... my music is copyrighted, but it's free, I have a few covers but since they're free I don't think I need permission. I record all of my stuff in my home, i am the only one performing and nearly all of my stuff is political or has political undertones. I am a proud leftist, and very anti T Rump- so if you are not inclined I understand. I am just interested in providing some of the soundtrack to the upcoming revolution, and I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MAKING A PROFIT FROM MY MUSIC, I just need help with distribution.
    • thy_koosk parent reply I'm shocked I was recommended tbh, anyways if I have time I'll review your stuff since I have two reviews already lined up to make, I can't review rap music, that's the only thing
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply People are big enigmas. Even the stars and moons can't make sense of it all. The world is a very complex place with a lot going on. And people hurting people every day. There is no sense to it all. Structure yes, but not much sense. Getting hurt is easy. I've got that one down. Learning from it and maintaining my sanity is the hard part. Still working to perfect that one. I hope you are able to maintain your balance in the midst of it all. I don't shave my legs either, but fortunately, nobody expects it or cares.
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply ahh sorry to hear you were going through emotional stuff, I know all to well about people pushing my buttons ugh but I will say like you did about shaving who gives an f :)
  • [ – ] Greebly reply Ok so what works best? An email, a link to or a link to band camp, or a cd via snail mail?
  • [ – ] Greebly reply Uh oh ... I'm new to the vlog/Vidme universe. Trying to figure out how to work it lol
  • [ – ] Greebly reply Apropos of nothing - could I interest you in reviewing my music on your show?
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