Facebook Won't Remove Terrorist Content or Perversion but will Remove Non-PC Political Speech

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  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply Fake news is any news they disagree with. Facebook and Zuckerberg are now Big Brother and the news media is MiniTrue.
  • Jim-Bob reply I feel so glad i've never had social media, purest cancer.
  • OralRobots reply I've been using fake names on Faecesbook and Twatter. No fucking way will I set myself up for SJW character assassination.
  • SkogComplex reply Faceberg and their ilk will do anything that destroys White countries. That's the only thing they are consistent with. If it's bad for White people , or White countries, they are in favor of it. If's it's good for us, they want to get rid of it.
  • MutantPixel reply Facebook is like a machine that's running on its momentum, same with YouTube. Though YouTube is really trying to become the new TV. Any ways, Facebook's momentum is gonna slow down and eventually start faltering. We're all a part of it though and it's how people these days keep in touch, hopefully we'll get a good alternative that takes its place.
  • bnShadow13 reply Mark "I once fucked a bird"
  • VybeyPantelonez reply The comments on here are way higher quality than on yt. Luv it
  • Mometek reply It's odd that all of the "big social media" companies all started out with the best of intentions. Remember "Don't be Evil" by Google?
  • kendrakane reply Just like DoxBin the government wants to keep it up so they can use the information to find criminals. criminals hate each other and the government uses this to their advantage. Al-Qaeda hating on ISIS. i bet they talk shit about each other and its available on the internet . their secrets and the names of the people in these groups are probably on DoxBin
  • wolfalexzemla reply STYX fakebook is the borg and google is the deathstar. Your rebel alliance will have to fight the deathstar eventually
  • wolfalexzemla reply you tube will become just as bad. They are smart enough move to it slowly but will go full totalitarian eventually. YT will be turned into tv 2.0 and they will slowly discourage alternate media and before you know it the lefty's will have the camera's pointed at them. The sheepies will gobble it up like marsh mellow fluff and vote for chelsey clinton. By then islam will be 10% of the population and creating no go zones here in the usa and have sharia law in their city/county. Keep your heads people!
  • Edalwulf_Bergmann reply So, what you're saying is that Facebook is the new Myspace.
  • StarkitecktArt reply So glad I ditched FB a while back. Totally worth it to get away from the censorship and spying.
  • StolenMoment reply Facebook editorial policy is the same as the partitions/walls of a high school shithouse. Grammar and spelling similar also.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Excellent work
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