New Mexico Politician Threatens Native American Veterans

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  • right7 reply Not complete? Is there more.... Now that's a scary thought.
  • [ – ] sanjuanfishing reply If it wasn't a threat then it was a veiled threat. Simply put, you dont bring up something in a discussion unless you intend to make a point by doing so. There just isn't a good reason to have ever said "I can cut that funding" or "it would be a as simple as a phone call" unless you intend to put that thought into those Veterans minds that their funding is at risk. Vets are the most taken for granted group of people in this nation and this State officials treatment of them is a travesty and a disgrace. What's even more of a hypocrisy is that when I google her name I find that Gallup, the place she lives, was recently selected as the "Most Patriotic Small Town in America". If there's any truth to that they'll show this lady the door.
  • PeteH reply You're probably right... I'm sure this woman said a lot worse. Just because your help her raise money "Pat" doesn't mean you need to try and defend the indefensible. Shame on you!
  • patabq reply Who posted this audio recording? Is it complete? I doubt it.
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