Revs Round Up - No Mans Sky (Atlas Rising), Microtransactions & Youtube/VidMe

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  • Revoladin reply Update : the new update is NOW out my friends and I can tell you it adds 70-80% of what was promised at launch plus new things and it has rekindled my love for this game, fuck Sean seriously but hello games have done a great deal of improvements and multiplayer is IN the game now!
  • TheBrewMonks reply I'll believe NMS has an update that "revolutionizes" the game when I see it. I just can't get Sean Murray's lying Cheshire cat grin out of my head during the hype train. Great video Rev! Thanks!
  • LibertarianAz reply I bought this game for a tenner on psn last week so happy about this update!
  • Revoladin reply Im really happy overall and I'm going to be making some more videos over the next week so stay tuned for more no mans sky 😉
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