Anime Merchandise | Why People Hate Anime

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  • theoldsparrow reply I'm a weeb but a moderate one. I'm going to have a few figurines of some of my favorite characters displayed in my room. My walls are for paintings and my TV's. My pillows have satin covers because damn does satin feel good. I would rather not have my browser history up for review by the whole world but I know the difference between buying an $800 body pillow with a lamia on it and having a few knick knacks. Regardless my hobby is not anything I would force down anyone else's throat. If they choose to pass judgement on me I'll be as transparent as possible because I really have nothing egregious to hide. I guess I could be missing the point of this video because I could be a terrible offender with my self perceived inoffensive knick knacks but by the measure of this video I'm not smashing snowmen with a double sided dildo. :3
  • MrZenLopez reply Lmao that ending was priceless!
  • Snekfriend reply Why should anime enthusiasts cater to the taste of people that don't even like anime? It's all good if you don't like anime. I don't care. I don't like football, doesn't mean sports fans cannot have a little banter about their hobby. As long as they don't riot or something it's all good. To the people in that industry, people buying merch is great because it means they can not be homeless and starve to death. Don't forget, places like China do not really care about their citizens. They don't have social security. About the onaholes, you can buy fleshlights that represent pornstars. I don't see anything wrong with onaholes as a concept. As if "normal" people never have any fantasies. Fun video, but I disagree with it :)
  • C-4Kawaii reply I don't want 'normal' people anywhere near me anyway. Why do you think I got into subcultures in the first place. The normal people may kindly kill themselves. I don't care what some dullard thinks about me either way.
  • AnimeReviews reply All I can say about that creepy merch is just, YUCK!
  • C-4Kawaii reply People hate anime... well hey guess what, I hate people.
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