Christian VS Atheist Men - Dating Preferences

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  • khriz_m reply Hey. Good luck with this channel Jaclyn! Keep up the good work.
  • RaptorGaming reply I love the amount of sarcasm in this video, its the best
  • iJimUK reply Hey Jaclyn, welcome to Vidme. Hope you stick around long enough to give this place a fighting chance. Oh yeah, you won't end up on a blacklist here 😁 Good luck and yeah, if I could only marry one of those guys, I think i would go Atheist. Lucky I'm pagan so they would probably run a mile, helps that I am a guy as well I suppose
  • Iorek_Vodatee reply these descriptions of what an ideal partner is scares me
  • [ – ] paulzpc reply I am a christian male. I hope you don't mind me following you ..
  • [ – ] samward reply Sorry to post again. But the Mario like character. Develop these and write into them everyday. Pretty soon, you could have a really cool TV show or a touring thing. It is funny! Really.
  • [ – ] Remicat reply I wonder where in the bible it stated "if thou loves me thou shalt be a dick"
  • Ireallyreally_Hategoogle reply Jaclyn, aren't you already a wife? You can't expect them to look for intelligence, independence and confidence, they want religious women.
  • SirAskter reply These guys are genuinely creepy. As a christian i wish these people would read the greek version. Paul compares the family to a millitary unit (phalanx to be exact). And has the man as point in the phalanx and the woman as the sargent. Having an absolute man centered household is more roman and germanic in root
  • Lylithia reply These dudes are gonna be up shits creek when they find one of them Dugger type women who want to do nothing but take care of the house and pump out babies and can't financially contribute in any way. So they better hope they have someone to bankroll them!
  • Ireallyreally_Hategoogle reply Jaclyn, the trolls have found you. Time to clean the comments.
  • VidmeFunDiy reply Really... What's the meaning... The planet earth is overpopulated so they will find someone with the same idea... Personally I am not a believer... live let live...
  • WackyWooper reply I'm a serious Christian myself so I know what happens in the religion.I know you think that Christianity is a religion all and only about God and it's not.Both genders are accepted in Christianity and not all of them have the same standards,women are for re-population and men are supposed to do more work as they specialize in different things other than helping others and cleaning(By the way it's something women specialize in and is a choice in Christian homes as we're to be respectful to both genders).Call me a misogynist for saying that but did I say women can't have free will.The way you're saying it is as if all Christian women are a stay at home Wife/mother.Christianity is a religion of grace and righteousness saying that we should be kind to others and knowing that God has are back and that he created us humans. If you really want to know what religion is really the misogynistic one?Islam. I personally don't have anything against you.We live in America,Land Of The Free.
  • Caz_Gerald reply What am I looking for? Someone for whom size matters.
  • weirdoguy reply Bitches and a wife are different things lol
  • weirdoguy reply To me if a woman can't take it up three holes and still be loyal hoe in bed to one husband and till be Christian is plenty for me if not they aren't worth a fuck
  • [ – ] penelopejayne reply Omg this girl still does these cringe atheist videos . I guess someone has to supply content to edgy teens and Steve Shives. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    • JaclynGlenn parent reply lol Steve Shives hates me. I could only dream to make him happy tho <3
    • droberts36 parent reply Funny that you are here checking it out.... Find a bit of Truth in what she says, do ya? Or are you too scared to admit it??!!??!!. (I know, who would really want to burn in hell for eternity for using their brains, when they can live in paradise by blindly following their churches own interpretation of the Bible!)
  • Scrappy reply baptists.... baptists everywhere....
  • samward reply I used to date the, we're gonna love god first person, then I saw them pushing self help magazines, that was interesting. I can understand people with bad experiences or drug problems, but to believe this cloudy dude that is in the kitchen cupboard that can see into the bedroom is over the top. I am from a very conservative state and the next woman I ever share company with better be a the one who can take this stuff not so seriously. A nice gray haired woman that flips the kids off, yet has cookies, is opinionated, yet gives the bicycle gang a slice of pie. We get old quick, i can only hope my daughter has the selfish gene. She did ask me, who made god? I told her, I do not know and i was proud she could trust me with the question (i never push my atheism). I have never discouraged other family members request she go to the church i was raised. it is a liberal church and you basically get to heaven with a covered dish, green bean casserole stuff. but she said, she didn't want to go ba...moreck to an after school program and she cried about that. i understood why, they are little balls of crap that talk like their parents. but she was granted to not have to return. now to earn the money to get her into the university after school program. life moves forward. and thanks JG.
  • SmolBeanKatie reply Hey Jaclyn 👋
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