Some people just like to see the world burn

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  • JonTheBemused reply A very timely video. But here comes the criticism: Thanks for cheering me up! Not! There's enough depressing, apocalyptic news at the moment. We seem beset by the barbarians on all sides. But we really need to do something. Exactly what, is another matter. I fear it may even come to banning Islam in our countries. A terrible thought, but definitely the lesser of two evils. Well, that wasn't really criticism. But it definitely depressed my mood even further. I wouldn't mind but Castrejo67 postponed last night, and I was looking forward to a different type of content. Still, come 10pm tonight (Portugese/British time) 😎😀
  • Modwain reply Sorry to dampen your spirit. It isn't all bad news though. I think it is mostely an awareness thing. We need to re-esteblish (spelling) our western values and be willing to protect them from those that wish them destroyed. Where i see certain dangers from sharia islam, i think cultural marxism and postmoderism is a bigger threat
  • [ – ] Craig67 reply Great video, I hope VidMe catches on as YouTube sensor destructs
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