DON'T Support the Anime Industry

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  • [ – ] SeaTactics reply So basically you're saying we shouldn't support anime because of work conditions. Alright, I get that, I honestly do. So don't support that studio, why do we have to not support THE WHOLE INDUSTRY. To me I will support whoever I enjoy their works from, because people work hard on not only anime, but many many other things around the world. IF you like it, why not support it? I don't understand why we shouldn't support anime because of a publisher. It's easy to sit here and say these kinds of things, but it's not as simple as two sides. There is no "support it or don't", it's too complicated to choose one. Why not support what you like though? What's so bad in paying for a CR or Netflix subscription to support anime? It puts food on the table for those creators and their families, and it also helps the anime industry grow bigger and find more eyes. The people slaving to make these manga and anime you love didn't decide to take down your video or mine (I've gotten strikes on my videos...more too). It's publishers with backwards business decisions. It's easy to sit there and criticism, but have you seen and met the people who create these anime and manga? They're humans who have to support families. I'm all for criticizing business practices and shitty behavior, but jumping to a conclusion and blanket stating "DON'T SUPPORT ANIME" is not a solution.
    • RSNAnime parent reply Thanks for the comment. You definitely have a point, a better way to put it might be, "Don't blindly support the anime industry." It's important to consider the practices of the people and businesses you're supporting. I might have stated my conclusion a bit too strong, but I wanted to get these counterarguments which I'm grateful you've provided. As a whole, I do like what CR provides. It's a service that I use frequently, have paid for and plan to continue to pay for into the future as well. With CR, by paying for it, I'm putting my money toward two things, the service CR provides (their website, subtitlies, all the other infrastructure that goes into doing what they do), and the anime themselves. The former I'm all for supporting, but the anime themselves is where I have the reservations. You are right that the people making the anime and manga aren't the ones who took down my video, it's the publishers. But it's also the publishers who would be the ones to make money should peop...morele buy the anime or lose money should people not. You may be right that just saying "Don't support anime" isn't the best solution, but what is? The biggest power we as consumers have is whether or not we pay money for something. And I find it hard to accept that we should take pride in putting our money in a system like this. Seriously, thank you again for taking the time to comment and to discuss this with me.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply As bad as conditions in Japan's animation industry are, I don't think that more government regulations are going to solve anything at all. (People still wonder why I am critical of government regulations considering that they always make things worse instead of better.)
    • RSNAnime parent reply Yeah, my solution isn't government regulations, but more so business pressure from the fans not supporting these practices. I'm also quite critical of government regulations as a whole. I find Ronald Reagan's quote about the most frightening words to hear are "I'm from the government and here to help" quite true. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply The best way I've found to support the creators is to import the original Japanese volumes. If you buy them in bulk even with shipping it comes out cheaper than buying translated volumes and the mangaka makes more money off of those volumes than the licensed ones. You do have to be studying Japanese for this to work though unless you just want them to sit on your bookshelf. As far as anime goes it becomes a downward spiraling problem of studios not making enough so they cut costs which means paying people less, which in turn becomes a brain drain on the industry when the animators can find a more lucrative job in video games or graphic design causing lower quality in the anime industry as a whole, which causes less people to buy anime, and so studios aren't making enough so they have to cut costs. The best example to combat this is Kyoani's model of owning the source material like Chunnibyou and becoming part of the production committee that earns a cut of the profits on the overall n...moreet profits rather than getting paid a lump fee to make the anime by a production committee. Shaft with all its successful anime makes very little in profit because all of the profit goes to the production committee that commissioned them because of this.
    • RSNAnime parent reply You're right that buying the Japanese volumes being the best way to support the original creators, I don't think this would work for me though because I don't speak Japanese nor am I that interested in manga/light novels. If I was going to buy something it would be the anime, though as I said through the video, this is something that I'd be hesitant to do. I agree that Kyoani's model is a good one, and their practices have resulted in them having much more consistent quality than most other studios. From what I've heard they also treat their staff better, don't outsource as much, and because of this have a more consistent staff and style to their shows. While I can't say I'm always a fan of the types of shows they do, I do respect their way of making anime. I remember hearing something about Trigger and Saizgen having their own production house too so they aren't just relying on outside investors for creative control. Thanks as always for your comment on the video.
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