Hey Jordan Peterson, Do You Believe In God?

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  • [ – ] ZCapone reply What is so hard to understand? He believes that christianity is a crucial pillar of western culture and society as we know it would collapse without it. He needs to lead by example and saying to people look you need religion becouse you are fucking stupid and your world will fall in chaos without it but that's not for me, won't cut it. So "I act as there is a god". He has like 150IQ so he is not a "idiot" or a "moron". His words have great value and a lot of people said their life is better after they listened to this man.
    • [ – ] Talann1 parent reply It's great that he has a high IQ but flaunting it around is the problem people are brining up. A lot of people also believe that religion is fucking stupid and we don't need it to exist at this present moment. There might have been a need for it long ago when there was a lot of chaos but the western world would not collapse if we decided tomorrow that religion is horse shit and needs to go away.
      • Tteabag parent reply Literal interpretations of religion are bullshit. I agree. That's why Peterson's interpretation of religious concepts integrated with psychology is so interesting and compelling. People NEED to hear about this version of religious truth that doesn't require an appeal to the supernatural. "There might have been a need for it long ago when there was a lot of chaos" -There will always be a need for parts of it if we want to prevent more chaos. That's exactly what we're looking at in the current social/political climate.
      • savage1267 parent reply Smart people do not believe in God(s).
  • [ – ] TrumpX reply So the man needs to be crucified for being a deep thinking philosopher? I mean really AIU, would you rather be lectured on your UCLA graduated, American-living-in-Berlin, white privileged ass by a toothless crack whore welfare queen? I just bet you would have been clamoring for Socrates to drink the hemlock too, right?
    • [ – ] Talann1 parent reply Deep thinking philosopher doesn't have to mean he can't answer the question. He could easily go in to all the things he discussed after he easily answered the question but instead he goes on this massive diatribe about picking apart words. I would easily be pissed off if every question I asked someone was met with his responses.
      • [ – ] Tteabag parent reply Later in the video he actually does answer the question. Is he required to answer the question in the order you prefer?
        • [ – ] Talann1 parent reply I think that's the point. And I think the point Devon was trying to make was the fact that he doesn't need to break the question down into words. If I asked him what he was having for lunch and he put me on trial for asking the question I would probably be annoyed. "What do you mean having and what do you mean by lunch?" Like Devon stated, he could have said yes and then explained himself but he comes off and being a huge douche when he goes about answering the way he did. I understand he answered the question, it's the eventually getting to it part that people are annoyed by.
          • bburnell parent reply Judging by the view and likes on YT I don't believe most people are 'annoyed'. If you don't want a complicated answer to a pivotal question, then don't ask an intellectual. "What are you having for lunch?" and "Do you believe in god?" is a ridiculous comparison and just because it's a simple answer to some doesn't necessarily make it simple to others. This video was nitpicking crap. So much so that he couldn't actually get into the video and JP's explanation. It's almost the equivalent of a disingenuous journalistic hit piece. AiU spent almost a full minute critiquing his hand position. How much time did he take actually addressing one of his ideas. AiU is completely out of his league with Jordan Peterson.
          • Tteabag parent reply That doesn't seem like pointless nitpicking to you? If he answered the question in the video, you're essentially just bitching about the order of statements. Whatever gets the thumbs up from the fedora crowd I suppose.
  • Talann1 reply Interviewer: do you believe in God? Sam harris: Well I find Trump to be the worst man in the entire world and he deserves to be condemned for his thoughts and practices. Interviewer: uhh okay?
  • savage1267 reply Why do you people think he has a high IQ? Did he tell you?
  • bburnell reply Wow. What an incredibly ignorant video.
  • STANKwild reply I love how devon just ejects from the video. Its exactly how I felt too. also, that asian beatboxer - holyshit! that was so awesome
  • Sapphica reply More proof that just because someone says something cogent once, it doesn't mean that will continue.
  • Tteabag reply This video was annoying. You don't seem to understand how complicated that question can be. God can mean several different things depending on the type of believer you ask. It doesn't have to be the fundamentalist version you're used to critiquing. I think that explains your teenage level of frustration at his answer. I think you need to reconsider his stance on the god concept. Not everyone who talks about god is referring to the sky daddy strawman you try to set up as low hanging fruit.
  • JefferyMuter reply Christ, lmao. I disagree lol, but this was funny as shit.
  • savage1267 reply JP appears to be a jackass — I mean religious time waster — I stopped following him on Twitter. I do not have time for religion. Or religious people.
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