Slime Girl | Kaitlinh Nguyen // 60 Second Docs

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  • missdsquared413 reply I LOVE THE SOUND! LOL
  • SamEarl13 reply Its nice to know that people can profit from what they love sometimes even if its a little weird. I have to admit though poking it is probably super fun and you get loads of different styles too.
  • TofuSaurus reply Whoa! I had no idea there were this many types of "Slime". I made "gak" as a kid. Anyone else? :P
  • sarah reply such a an interesting hobby/community...
  • BigNossy reply I saw "slime girl" so i clicked, this is not what i expected, very dissapointed
  • pantog reply You go girl! And don't forget our tax dollars provide free federal small business guide booklets for free.
  • whatfireflies reply I'm wondering what those "slimes" are made of. It looks like she's mixing soaps and detergents, so I hope she's taking good care of her skin. Those substances can be very aggressive. Also, mixing detergents can be dangerous. For example, many of them contain bleach (NaClO) which can release chlorine gas when mixed with other things such as limescale remover (H₃PO₄) Chlorine gas is lethal enough to have been used as a chemical weapon in the past. All in all, it may not be a harmless hobby.
  • John-Goras reply Is it sustainable/biodegradeable....I'm suspicious of it. Not to be a kill joy, but...
  • RONandIRA reply She is amazing
  • 30goat reply Follow me on ig bby😘@30goat
  • 30goat reply 😍😍😍
  • 30goat reply Sexy slime girl
  • 30goat reply Sexy slime girl
  • AroundDaClockGames reply Interesting... ▘‿▝
  • alex reply Weird but I kinda want some slime
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