Fantastic Four Masterworks Volume 10 Review - Marvel Comics Trade Paperback Book

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  • [ – ] PauloCosta reply Not as a familiar with that FF period as I should be, but I have been building up some databases on it. It was obvious from the first Frightful Four arc that Kirby was plotting the stories with little or no input from Lee, and coming up with all the new concepts and characters. But by 1968 Kirby was holding back on introducing new characters and was recycling old favorites. He had plans of his own for the Inhumans and the Silver Surfer (some of his Inhumans plans were seen in the Saga of the Incomparable Inhumans backup series in Thor and the first four issues of Amazing Adventures). When he called it quits, the bullpen was in an uproar. Romita and Buscema, in particular, were in a panic when they were tipped to replace Kirby. Romita asked Stan if he was cancelling FF and when he said no, Romita asked "who's drawing it" and Stan said "you are".
    • ComicToyReviews parent reply Thanks good information. I have a whole separate topic on Kirby I got to get to one day. I think Stan Lee was hands off so much, cause he even mentioned why does he need to coach talent like Kirby? But also by FF48 the storylines ended mid story in an issue and that was bad plotting by Kirby. But at DC alone he never would have thrived. in fact I doubt he'd be anything special judging by his 1950s work. He'd just be a DC artist and not much more.
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