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  • MetalDale reply I am probably out to lunch here but when Sarah pulled off her face. I immediately thought when Hawk was at her house that sound he heard was the real Sarah tied up in the kitchen and that was an evil Doppleganger Sarah who answered the door haha.
  • MetalDale reply The timing might not be that weird or leak related on David Bowie. As the week before Mr. C is grilling Ray for the location of Phillip Jeffries presumably so he can go track him down. So it is natural to assume we might see Bowie in the following episode, no?
  • jonathanwanat reply I'm so glad to see you're up and running again. It's been a long week trying to figure out what happened. 🤓
  • RTHRD reply The original score, composed by Badalamenti, for the scene in part 8 where the golden-Laura-Palmer-egg is laid and sent to earth is credited as The Fireman.
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