Hidden Colors 2 | The Debunk

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  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply An enjoyable video. Just as an observation, not in anyway meant to be critical. I was interested in your choice of points to debunk, because I would have gone for other targets. For example, on the Stonehenge thing, I would not have bothered to debunk the claims of the 19th century charlatan. Rather, I would have looked at the lack of knowledge in general about the building and purpose of the site. I am not sure that it is even meaningful to attribute it to one person, given the archaeological record shows an extensive period of use and development. No one knows for sure but the current guess is 1500 years (https://www.reference.com/art-literature/long-did-build-stonehenge-a38f5cbc3331dabc). And to claim to know the name of the builder is patently absurd. In addition, if any of the remains indicated people of African origin, that would be massive news, and we would all definitely know about it. But that's me, not you. I just thought it interesting that you debunked derived po...moreints, not the foundational ones. As a side note, the earlier work you mentioned was about Druids. My understanding is that we know little about the real ancient Druids, the ones destroyed by the Romans. Most of so-called Druidic law is known to be an invention of the 19th Century. That is, they just made shit up. See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druid#Romanticism_and_modern_revivals
    • [ – ] Irreligionist parent reply you are right and originally i was going to basically sum that segment up with "but of course no one really knows who built Stonehenge" but i felt that most people were aware of the mystery of that site. I chose this tactic because Gerald Massey is often cited as the source of this claim in various "melanin Theory" works...and even the commentator who had sparked me to make this video cited him specifically. So it was due in part to the pervasive nature of this misquoting claim (relayed by way of a bard's tale) and the fact that Tariq makes a statement about how Gerald Massey being European makes him a valid source. But the mysterious nature of stonehenge would have been a much quicker debunk :) also HEY JON!
      • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Hey back at you. 😎 I thought it amusing while watching your video, that the hated white male is suddenly a legitimate source when spouting nonsense that fits their narrative. I may be wrong, but I don't think that the "melanin theory" has made its way over the Atlantic to us yet. It's just a matter of time, but we do escape some of the craziness that afflicts you. While having our own unique insanities, of course! We are not better, just display the madness in our own way!
        • Irreligionist parent reply indeed every nation and peoples seem to have their own form of culturally supported insanity. I don't think this kind of Afrocentric pseudo science/altered history stands up to any basic scrutiny so i would be surprised if it got exported to any other nations. I think this type of world view has escaped much criticism due to the scientific community being either unaware of it or otherwise afraid to comment on it out of fear of being labeled racist. White guilt can be a powerful motivator.
  • JonTheBemused reply Had to stop and comment. When the gentleman claimed that dark skinned people "talk differently" he was truly showing his ignorance. In the USA perhaps, and even there I would suspect not universally. But in the UK, for example, you would be hard-pressed to ever identify the "race" of someone just by listening to them. We just don't have that divide in general. Where it happens, it is 100% cultural, which I would guess is also true of the USA. And I can assert this with such confidence, because the people who "talk black" in the UK have a strong socio-economic connection, and do so regardless of skin colour. I.e. White people do it too.
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