Hope it doesn't happen to you.

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  • [ – ] trubbo reply amazing! be great to include vaccine injury payout.. many aren't aware. surprised even nancy grace!
  • katherinewendel reply One of my favorites
  • AnnieT reply Hi FlyingBiker, I'm not sure why you're not getting the video properly. But there is also one uploaded to youtube at this link: https://youtu.be/gjsFi_4MbbY Hi Lisanicol, if you want to learn more about vaccines, check out this link. I promise you that the things you believe are not based on fact. I really think a person should do their own research rather than drink the poisoned koolaid being fed to them. http://www.anarchiststrippermom.com/2016/07/researching-vaccines-start-here.html
  • FlyingBiker60 reply I can only hear sound track? Which is so, so powerful. Have signed up but still only sound?
  • mdegier reply Sighting herd immunity as a reason to vaccinate is so silly. Do you realize it is a theory based on a theory? We have adults who's vaccine coverage has wained and we therefore have nowhere close to herd immunity numbers and yet people pretty much don't get sick here in the U.S.. So it must be sanitation and hygiene that keeps all these diseases at bay in our country because it sure isn't made up herd immunity. Also their are studies that show vaccines cause damage. How about the CDC Whistleblower who said the CDC lied in their 2004 MMR study? The MMR increases the risk of autism if it is given at 18 months verses 36 months. Also comparing vaccines to medical procedures - yes all carry risks but we don't force medical procedures on people like we are trying to force vaccinations on people. People deserve to have a choice. Also African babies aren't dying from lack of vaccination but lack of proper nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.
  • [ – ] lisanicol reply It is v difficult to establish causation. A sample size of 1 is not a real sample size. Perhaps these children had a bad reaction to the vaccination (or the vaccine itself as bad) or had some underlying condition but the science is clear that vaccines prevent deaths & diseases. People also die from routine procedures but we don't swear those off. You have a chance is dying under general anesthesia but it doesn't stop people from obtaining the surgery they need. The issue with not getting vaccines is that there are immune compromised children/people who depend on herd immunity (80% vaccination coverage) to protect them from vaccine preventable diseases. And when people don't vaccinate their children against diseases such as measles it gives it an opportunity to mutate into something stronger for which there is no vaccine available. This is reality and we must not be drive by fear but by facts. I just topped up my Hep A and B and have my full schedule of vax. Honestly, being anti-vax is ...moreWestern privilege. I worked in Africa 4+ years and mothers are losing their babies for lack of a vaccination.
    • Whatnonsense parent reply What nonsense. African children don't need vaccinations they need clean drinking water, better nutrition, proper hygiene and sanitation. African kids are MORE likely to die from vaccinations than even western children because African children are more likely to be chronically malnourished, are drinking contaminated drinking water and living in conditions of poor sanitation. Plenty of Africans are losing their babies to vaccinations - you working in Africa administering vaccines are killing children. Shame on you!
  • AnnieT reply If you'd like to email me: trina@nakedtruth.ca. I can send you links to tons of studies and documentaries on the subject. This video is about people's experiences and expert opinions because ppl address the science all the time but our collective pain is largely ignored.
  • VidmeJaosn reply wow, very powerful stuff. I'd like to do some more research for my own kids. Do you have the sources for each of the claims and quotes described in this video?
  • AnnieT reply Thank you for sharing your story so we can spread our message. xo
  • Lornab206 reply This is really powerful!! Kudos to you. Will share. Mother of Lyla Rose Belkin...Thanksxx
  • AnnieT reply Hmm, I never had to install anything. I'm sorry about that!
  • vcharles reply Would like to see your video. Installed VidMe app. No luck being able to play it...
  • AnnieT reply Thank you. xo
  • colorfulaura reply Sad and so well done. We are speaking up and will be heard and seen!! Please join our awareness campaign on Facebook at Pinwheels for Parental Vaccine Freedom and injury Awareness! Or email pinwheels4vaccineinjury@gmail.com for information. We WILL be seen and heard!
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