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  • [ – ] FoxyFloofYT reply You should definitely get your channel verified if you haven't applied for it already.
  • FoxyFloofYT reply So you guys decided to create a Vidme channel as well? Awesome! *follows*
  • [ – ] robindies reply OH HEY WHATTUP OCTOTIGGY!
    • [ – ] Octotiggy parent reply OH HAI ROBINDIES. I've always wondered-- is it Rob-Indies or is it Robin-Dies? Because I've been saying Rob-Indies but I'm prettu sure it's Robin-Dies. Also, this video is seriously embarassing and almost three years old but I had to put something up first that explains the channel XD
      • [ – ] robindies parent reply Hahaha it seemed like it might not be the MOST up to date xD the name is kind of both. I went with Robin-Dies because my name is Robin and dying in video games, but also I love indie games and it contains the word indie, so. THERE YOU HAVE IT.
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