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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply You've got a lot going on there! I feel for you. I'm allergic to cats and dogs, but not too bad. I can pet them, but I have to wash my hands afterward. If I pet them, then touch my face, I get fever blisters. My wife gets allergies sometimes. Recently we've stopped eating meat and cut out sugary foods. These things can cause toxin accumulation in the body and can lead to swelling and oversensitivity in the soft tissues. The body's immune system weakens over time from toxin buildup. Working with home cleaning products or other harmful substances can also cause this reaction. Sometimes just living in the wrong location can cause trouble. Like living near a superfund site, petroleum processing plant, nuclear reactor site, or any manufacturing plant that uses toxic chemicals. Getting flu shots can even add toxic substances into the body. It's a polluted world, so it's hard to get away from the bad stuff. Our air, water and food are all compromised. You just try to make the most informed ch...moreoices you can. Allergy medicines can give you temporary relief, which is good, but they don't solve the underlying problem. My wife only uses ChlorTabs, which have chlorpheniramine maleate as the antihistamine. She says she's tried them all and that's the only product that helps her. I hope you find a solution that works for you!
    • Cl0mar parent reply Maybe I'll look into ChlorTabs! Changing my diet may help too, I should probably try that. Nothing that I've tried so far has helped me at all really. I'm also allergic to a few medicines and a few metals. It's like impossible to avoid everything I'm allergic to lol
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