The Reckoning of OfficialTallVideos (JoySparkleBS, Pierced Angel, & Onision Drama)

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  • [ – ] CJTRex reply Wow basically hes a liar that like attention? He wasnt getting the friendship he wanted from Onision so he now bashes him for views?
    • [ – ] ragreynolds parent reply Pretty much
      • [ – ] CJTRex parent reply Wow ... and sadly he's connected to Joy who will just exploit the situation even further. I also heard that he is making claims that while he was a MOD for Onision Tall witnessed Greg was inappropriately collecting pictures or talking to underage teens . Did you hear these rumors about Tall making these claims ???
  • [ – ] CJTRex reply Tallvideos had said in his video he was only a MOD for 3 days. Seriously...this kid also likes to cry that hes 16 ...but he is married. He is doing this all for attention in my opinion. However to answer your question I can be objective when it comes to supporting someone. When I do not agree with something I leave a comment explaining why and when I enjoyed something and agree I like the video and comment with what I liked. I thought that was called being an adult.
    • ragreynolds parent reply He isn't even married. It's been found that he's only been with the girl for just over a year, she stays in the US, he stays in Scotland, AND they just call eachother husband and wife because they think it's cute/cool. They aren't married.
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