Singapore Tourism Board's cringeworthy video

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    yaddayadda "See where the fuck it's heading"
    SurferKid Worst. Voice Over. Ever. Thanks for sharing!
    Anonymous Just bought my plane ticket to Singapore...#Can'tWait
    WrongTurn What were they thinking?!
    SignNDrive Genius Marketing < Terrible Video
    charlie Wonder how much this cost to make? This can't be real
    abuahmed The most horrible and cheap I ever seen and I regret to waste 3 min in my live waching this. Yaaaaaaaaa3
    drakegoona "wowww" ... followed by 12 seconds of back and forth culminating in the most AWKWARD hug the world has ever seen. If you ever wanted a true advert for stuff PRODUCED in SG........
    Talan Is it weird that I now want to visit Singapore?
    CoolStoryBro Sing a "pore" ...
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