Gaming Culture - Corrupting an Ideal: The Dark Age of the MMO Games

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  • akatheSkay reply I can't say I've had the pleasure of playing the kind of mmo you described at the start, but I've played so many of the newer variety I've lost count and forgotten the names of half of them. I started back when mmo rpgs became about min maxing, power creeping and Korean rpgs had started but microtransactions were in their infancy or didn't exist at all. You put into words aspects of the mmo community I never really thought about in that way before, and I've learned my fair share of lessons from them! Though few of them being anything I would call good (for example how a cunning person playing a woman much like in the real world can rise through the ranks crazy fast) don't even get me started on the use of RNG! It's normally some army assault course of a task with a boss at the end which basically turns to a glorified loot slot machine/gacha, lather rinse repeat until your greed is satisfied or boredom sets in. I've considered ranting about this topic, but I guess I never have yet d...moreue to a lack of confidence, lack of personal brand identity and fear of being ostricized perhaps? I only play dungeon fighter online now mmo wise, and that's only due to my love of beat em ups and having to wait YEARS for a server with no IP block to even try it Unless a game was like the classic ones you described or they paid ME to play it I doubt I'll ever play another mmo.
  • Torpedo_Magneto reply Three words response : Black Desert Online. I agree mostly with your opinions but you should check out the game mentioned above, they seem to have a decent system when it comes to max level since there is no max level. I gave up on the game a while ago (just too overwhelming for a casual gamer like myself) but for anyone that likes mmo's it's definitely worth checking it out.
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