How Video Game "Culturalization" Differs From "Localization"

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  • MegaManTrigger reply Fuck culturalization. Fuck localization. Fuck anything that is trying to twist the ideas of another culture to fit within the bounds of "acceptability" for an entirely separate culture. Leave my goddamn games (and all other media) alone. Translate, provide relevant context to aid comprehension, stop. If there's something new that's not in my culture, maybe I should just LEARN IT. (Would they rather we just not have the word "schadenfreude" because it's from a different culture, for instance?) Oh, and you've just GOT to love the balls on IGDA, using examples of "negative publicity" as if they just organically sprang up from the games themselves, as opposed to being invented by whining moral busybodies in the so-called gaming press. Nobody had a problem with RE5 until Kotaku and Friends bitched about it (and man did they set speed records doing that). IGDA and its pals in "games media" are the official face of Western gaming to overseas developers, and they're portraying us as a...more bunch of weak-kneed offendatrons who can't handle different ideas (largely because that's what most of IGDA and the games media are). They've been doing this for at least the past five years, probably a lot longer than that.
  • Daemanis reply while some would put a lot of stock by culturization 99% of the time it comes more down to a control agency trying to determine what people are allowed to view. need i point out the westernization of games where even the smallest amount of cleavage is covered, where we can turn on a tv and watch much much more far easier than playing a game.
  • XGuyy reply Leave my boob sliders alone Nintendo
  • Envy-Noson reply I really don't care for culturalization, when I play games like Yakuza 0 one of the appeal of the game is the game taking place in Japan. Having a different the culture shouldn't be viewed as a negative.
  • PoorlyReported reply Appabend brought me here.
  • VitzHK reply It's interesting to know they also use such a (obvious) term! It's also jarring to see that companies think they are justified in tarnishing other people's art like that. Just imagine if the outrage it would cause if they tried to censor something like the Venus made by Botticelli!
  • AdamMadMan reply It's amazing how completely out of touch the game companies are with their audiences. The "culturalization" thing is total bull. Just a fancy way of dodging justified accusations of censorship.
  • ThomasSilvey reply This is a lot of the reasons why Importing video games is more important now more than ever.
  • YamiryuuZero reply There's a difference between what Japan thinks and what companies outside of Japan think consumers think like! People are heavily criticizing Nintendo of America for the changes in Xenoblade X and SMTxFE. This shows it's not a cultural problem, it's the company not understanding its market!
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