Russia Responds to Syria Strikes by Nullifying Military Agreement with US

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  • Dantosinferne reply Trump has too many close to him that are lying to him, I bet. Gary Cohn and Dina Powell are very questionable, looks like they're globalists. Lee Stanahan made a few youtube videos very recently about this, encouraging people to call the White House and voice their concerns. To tell them that we didn't vote for more globalism, that we wanted the nationalism Trump promised. I'm worried this is exactly what it seems, that trump is betraying us. But I'm still hopeful that there's something we can do, or that this is actually what needs to be done to manage the political theater right now.
  • CamillaSweden reply Terrorist attack in Sweden.. Not that far away fromwhere i live, fortunate no one that I know was there, but my brother works at that street and he had a day off today! Usually he goes there to take the train home. //C~Sweden
  • SkogComplex reply There were probably Russians killed in this. I don't see anything coming but more escalation and more neo-cohen manipulating.
  • SkogComplex reply Trump is a fucking moron. We could have made things more stable, now it's all fucked. I hope all this neo-cohen pandering makes him happy, having all these wonderful 'never Trump' people all around inserting the same script, the same bullshit stories, the same playbook - I hope he really feels 'presidential' now. Fuck them all.
  • Richardfielder reply Any women unfollow dude he going to back that Russian flag I do believe Satanism is involved here sorry buddy I'm looking for not satanism
  • [ – ] Richardfielder reply See I was following techniques week I wonder I love sticks sticks and some big bad of the group Styx but I know Styx Styx is actually I'm using this voice talk crap and so it's probably not going to put everything right and I'm running a kind of person
  • wolfalexzemla reply This syria thing is a way to distract sjw's and send them back to fighting imaginary wars on xbox in their parents basement. SJW'S dont fight real issues just imaginary ones
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