Saturn overtook the Moon and is now chasing Jupiter

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  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply Excellent footage! Hey Jayling7 did you know the other night when it was completely full , it was not only a Strawberry Moon , But it was the only mini moon of the year. Because it was at the furthest point away from the Earth. Your work is excellent..... Hey you want to go to Alaska and see if you can get whatever that was i caught, so we will actually know what it was????....:) LOL...Just messing...Stay Safe Peace and LOve..J
    • Jayling7 parent reply Thanks, J! There now seems to be a name for this, that, and the other thing about the moon each time we turn around. Oh and hey, there's too many bears and other critters up there in Alaska for this old gal, so nah. lol
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