True News: Week In Review - April 30th, 2017

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  • vanners reply News headline: Socialism, good for weight loss!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Bill Nye gives a talk saying there are many genders to young children. His example is there are Disorders of the Sex Chromosomes 1:400 but he doesn't go further into detail of what this entails: It is misleading to use this statement and not going into further detail of his previous statement. 1 st. delay in onset of puberty, there still male and female, 2 nd. primary or secondary amenorrhea still male or female. 3 rd. infertility; still male and female. 4 th. ambiguous genitalia. Phenotypes associated with sex chromosome disorders are less severe than autosomal defects and this is mainly due to X chromosome inactivation, as well as the fact that Y chromosomes have a low gene content. X chromosome inactivation is the process by which most genes on one of the two X chromosomes in females are silenced epigenetically and randomly, and so fail to produce any product. Where are the teachers that are suppose to be educated professionals. They should be asking Bill for a list of information ...morethat he intends to present. Then they as professionals should be prepared with the facts and appropriate questions and explications/ rebuttals. This shouldn't be aimed at children it doesn't seem age or education related material. Bill Nye has an agenda and cherry picks his science to back his agenda.
  • Dooooooooooooooom reply Bill Nye has been tough for me to watch for quite some time now. The stuff I like most of his is when he was on Almost Live in Seattle during the very early 90s. His experiments then were ridiculous, and he did a bunch of awesome skits (Speed Walker, COPS in Ballard, High Fivin' White Guys, etc.)
  • GoMGTOW reply Wow Stefan, you have so much great material! Amazing work!
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