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  • [ – ] LinuxOS reply Unity 8 development continues on independent hands from now on via fork. Yunit project, which you may have heard of. Will be interesting to see where they can take it. https://yunit.io
    • LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply Also, I have a bone to pick with your name. You obviously already know this, but this is for someone who is new to GNU/Linux based operating systems (Provided they would ever see this video, of which I highly doubt... but...). Linux is not an OS. It is a kernel. A very substantial part of the core of an operating system. Now, the rest of the core is GNU. The basic tools, the terminal, etc, is GNU's doing. Now, on top of this GNU/Linux base, we put on DEs (Desktop Environments) and also package management tools, and the distro's branding. My favourite DE at the moment is XFCE (XForm Common Environment). This of course confuses new users, as they are used to only one DE, only one OS, built around that kernel. For example, for the NT kernel, Windows is the only OS built around it. Different story for the kernel used in MacOS, as that is built around the freeBSD kernel. Now, of course, the amount of desktop environments there are, it would take me an entire book to list all of them, howeve...morer, here are some of the popular ones: KDE (K Desktop Environment/Kool Desktop Environment) XFCE (XForm Common Environment) LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) LXqt, GNOME3, MATE (GNOME2), Cinnamon, and of course, everyone's least favourite: Unity.
    • LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply Never heard of them. Then again, I don't really care about unity anymore. If I ever say something about my opinion, like, ever, don't think it's permanent, because I am very quick to change my opinion. Just recently I hopped around like 4 distros, before stopping at Debian XFCE 9.0 "Stretch". I currently have my home partition in a separate partition so it's easy to keep my data if I move to another distro.. Because I probably will..
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Alright. I have now freed myself from my schedule, and will no longer be running on a schedule from now on. I will just post videos when I want.
  • [ – ] LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Channel Update: Every video I post from now on will be on Archive.org. Each Video will allow you to choose between mp3 and mp4.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply I promise you the next video will be this Thursday. Just very busy atm.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Please remember in this review I try to be objective, and I mark my distros on the things a regular user would be looking for.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Apologies, I can't do a video today, I'm too fucking busy, video will be out on the Thursday/Saturday of the week I become unbusy.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Also, update: My favourite DE is no longer Unity, after seeing the beauty that is the MATE desktop.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply A bit of an update: I have since switched to Fedora MATE. Review will be coming Thursday. Please stay tuned.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply My apologies, but I can't do another video until next Thursday, as I am very busy. Will get back into the regular schedule after my next video though, I promise.
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply A little correction. You can search in the repository, and therefore this distro now has a 37/40, and therefore 92.5%. Please forgive my mistake.
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