Trump Prefers His Old Life; “This Is More Work”

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  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply President TRUMP is frustrated by the fact that the democrats would rather spite him than do what the the people who elected him were promised. Bernie, the socialist who owns multiple houses, yet hasn't personally taken in any rape-ugies. He has spent his life as a professional politician, where accomplishing absolutely nothing doesn't effect his paycheck. He hasn't the backbone to run anything. He let black LIES matter hijack his microphone. Who in their right mind would choose to be represented by him? Donald Trump never went bankrupt, his businesses did. He made more money by using those laws to his advantage. News flash, the issues that he ran on & was elected because of aren't to help "people", but rather legal American citizens. He had the balls to say what the average American is thinking, that were tired of supporting the world while our own country is in need. Hillary only won where the democrats have a stronghold, where illegals get driver's licenses & registered to vote, w...morehere convicted felons aren't barred from voting, & where they have voters vote in multiple locations. Meanwhile, the parts of the country that grow our food knew what the clear choice was.
    • [ – ] DavidDoel parent reply You're kissing the ass of a guy that spit in his supporters faces by stacking his cabinet with Goldman Sachs employees, and that was after months of him complaining about Hillary's ties to big banks. 😂😂😂
      • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply It's sad that you cannot understand the difference between hrc being bought and paid for VS them being President TRUMP's employees. When they own hrc, she must do their bidding, and thus insulate themselves from the scrutiny of the rules and regulations that are created solely for their benefit. While as employees they are accountable for their actions. I pointed out just a few of Bernie's defects, but rather than attempt to counter any of them you resort to that I'm kissing President TRUMP's ass. Thus proving that when in a defenseless position, the only course of action is attack.
        • [ – ] DavidDoel parent reply The tax plan Trump's Goldman Sachs employees just announced is giving a massive tax cut to the rich. So you're apparently in a safe space from reality 😂
          • yourvagismysafespace parent reply What massive cuts? The fact is that the rich pay 4 times as much (39.5℅ vs 10℅) of their income in taxes as the poor. (FUN FACT: President TRUMP paid a much higher percentage of his income in taxes than both your hero bernie and the 8year mistake did. This was proven by TRUMP hating Rachel Madcow.) Even if they slashed their taxes by 50℅, they'd still be paying twice of much of their income as the poor. Add in the tax credits, write-offs, and all the taxpayer funded government freebies(free medical, free housing & utilities, free food, plus the actual cash, etc) they receive, and you'll see that they are getting much much more than they've ever put into the system. The grand total of all the monies & services bestowed upon them more than surpasses their actual income. This total doesn't even begin to factor in all the costs associated with the agencies that provide those services. Such as the government employees who receive not only their pay but all the benefits(medical, reti...morerement, etc), all the costs associated with the buildings that house these services(either the cost of erecting said facility or the rental of a location, utilities, maintenance, etc). These programs cost the taxpayer so much more than just the amount given away. Your silence on my critiques of bernie speaks loudly that you'd be in favor of the rich being taxed at 99℅ so they would end up with the same sum total as the poor.
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