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  • [ – ] blindfire reply I think the "fun" road is something that needs to be ignored more often in favor of the "fulfilling" one. I have fun reading books and playing video games, but sometimes they are more harmful to me because they consume time that should be better spent elsewhere or prevent me from developing relationships I should be nurturing. Yes, they can both be ways I can enrich those relationships, and yes, I may enjoy spending that time more reading or gaming than anything else, but ultimately pursuit of fun sometimes turns out to be a hollow thing (especially when we try to take it to a relatively high level). Nobody says they want to fight with their husband or wife, nobody says they want to deal with the problems their children cause or discipline them because of those problems, but ultimately by working through those fights, by helping children grow to solve those problems, we find ourselves better off for it and reap greater rewards. Note, I don't equate work with purposefulness, nobody on t...moreheir death bed says "I wish I would have worked longer hours at the office." What I do think is that we should shift focus from "this is inherently enjoyable" to "this is inherently worthy." Statistics show the people who are happiest and most content in life are elderly couples who never divorced and had healthy families. It wasn't easy getting there, they had plenty of troubles on the road. Maybe that's what makes it is worth it. I think there is a lot of wisdom in enjoying what you have and taking advantage of the good things you've got, but it always need to be tempered with the understanding that "having fun" can sometimes cost us something worthwhile if it means skipping out on something unpleasant but fulfilling.
    • PowerKegGreg parent reply Thanks for responding! I agree that there is a balance, absolutely. We learn the most when we are at our lowest and weakest points. If the road was smooth, we would learn nothing. If the roller coast was a single straight track, its not fun! Hence, why they have twists and turns, rising and falling points. And even the falling points can constitute as fun. I believe that if we have the mindset of looking at things in a more positive view, not only will the things that make us happy be more profound, but the negative aspects will lose its sting and we can handle it and overcome it with a more confident mindset. We don't want to blissfully think that everything is OK because that can turn into denial. Sometimes in order to stay positive, you have to point out the negativity that's coming our way but that shouldn't mean we have to approach it in with a sour mind!
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