Susan Rice Spying on Trump for Obama Story

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  • Niraken69 reply She's such a liar!
  • [ – ] Larry666 reply Susan always takes the fall. I hope they're paying her extra for residing under that bus. LOL
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply I dont know dude, she seems to like it. And I think she's compensated handsomely, or will be, many times the pay day come later. They all are in DC. I hate to repeat myself, but it's worth repeating. 7 out of the 9 wealthiest counties in US surround Washington DC. All the spouses of all the politicians in DC are either Lobbyists, or investment bankers, or principals at a private equity firm or real estate investment concern. Anyhow, I digress. Still i do appreciate your comments and watching, Honest I do. Thank you. Charlton
      • Larry666 parent reply I don't disagree. I was just trying to be being cute. On Syrian bombing--McCain and his wife, Lindsey Graham, are ecstatic right now. Probably beating off in front of the mirror right now.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey Charlton, I think you're right about the dog eat dog nature of politics. Its like the mafia, whatever it takes to reach the goal, whatever the cost morally or whatever is seen as okay. The mainstream media is obviously complicit in the schemes as well, despite their extensive claims of objectivity. It seems the elite, those who own and run everything, are broken up into factions that are constantly maneuvering for dominance. And the little guy, the average Joe gets squished in the process. How does it feel to be the bulldog nipping at their heels, questioning their lies and manipulations? You're good at it. Its entertaining and informing. Good job!
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply Agree agree. I've almost given up what should be, and say the hell with it, that's right, get what you can get. You understand what I'm saying. I have a little hope for Trump, that he is trying to do what he can within the corrupt system, he's actually taylor-made for that I think. Time will tell. That is what I liked about Cruz before the election and during, is that he was standing alone (not exactly, with Mike Lee and some others in the House; I'm a big Mark Levin fan) speaking up against the SPENDING. That's why he became persona non grata in Washington TOTALLY, not because of the shut-down or Obamacare. That was all bullshit, it was because opposed raising the DEBT Ceiling. That is what Washington is all about, the Spending the money. I'm not against wealth, well maybe the extremes, but definitely against them getting wealthy stealing it from us, while we have to fight for it day in and day out. Trumps inaugural address reminded me of Cruz standing alone. When Trump gave that addr...moreess I was like wow, he really going to take on these Washington SOBs, saying what he saying with them right there on stage with him, it was stunning. Again, time will tell. As always, thanks my friend. Charlton
      • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply I hear ya. I don't think Trump was supposed to win the election. In their minds, the dominant elite faction had it all sewn up, as they say. Maybe they figured Trump would make Hillary look better or something, so they let him run, but I don't think they figured he'd actually win. Sometimes strange things happen. Curve ball. Now the dominant elite faction has to pull him down, make him look bad, block any plans he might have. They still have people in key positions to do that. I don't get too involved in politics. Makes me feel dirty just watching it. Nasty game. But anyone who gives the dominant elite a headache is worth watching, if not supporting. Just saying.
        • Charlton parent reply TOTALLY. You have real political instincts, so interesting. Funny how someone who prefers not get too close to something, because it's so sleazy and usually ends in grief, but they actually have a natural ability there. Just thinking out loud. It is interesting to me though. Love your thoughts. Thanks FPP. Charlton
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