Mushroomhead 2nd Thoughts [Wub Machine Remix]

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Little chaotic for me but I'm sure there are fans for this stuff... :) I'll share it! :)
    • [ – ] mr1van parent reply Thanks! Appreciate the feedback and support, definitely not for everybody, but that sums up a bit of my own tastes sometimes!
      • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Should definitely not throw to much 'instruments' in together and get a solid ''baseline'' which doesn't have to be a bass! :p
        • [ – ] mr1van parent reply Good point, definitely an amateurish attempt at stringing together a remix that a app did for me! I agree though, it's too busy at the end of the day, but I still liked it for the low effort it took me.
          • Mr2ndopinion parent reply :) Haha I just to play around with fruity loops :) It was fun times! :) But, you can't keep having fun all of the time right... there are some responsibilities to take. I love educating people nowadays by being present in their lives! :)
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