#RegressiveNews: Fired For Thoughtcrime

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  • SavedGameStudios reply I really don't want to live in this world anymore... this crap MUST STOP before we destroy every semblance of western society.
  • ItsRealyReall reply Woootwoot!! :D I wondered how this situation was going. Thanks for the update. This is absolute madness. >.<
  • c_arnold03 reply Interesting thing to note, every civilization on the cusp of near terminal decline all experience a marked increase in sexual deviancy. Every. Single. One.
  • AnneCourtois1 reply Just signed up to the plateforme after learning you are here. I am preparing to start a chanel on the 'other' plateforme and I am really thinking very hard about that choice.
  • Larval_Angel reply People LAUGH, saying that Zardoz is a ridiculous, silly film.
  • kinkydoints reply you would think that the transgender individuals are really the majority of people that are attending our schools. That means to me that more than 50% of these people are transgender, or real male and female people are so sympathetic to the poor confused young people that they are willing to give up so freedom as to make it illegal to call a boy ahhh boy, or a girl ahhh girl. hey I believe that all schools that get " ANY" government funding , will fly the FLAG of the country that gives it's taxpayers money to it . # noflagno$
  • [ – ] Florella reply Baby waves! Zhey are gonna be so cute! ♥
  • jackthegamer reply its just so terrible, here some think that this hijab is cultural and tradition stuff, fuck no its not ! it was forced upon every womens born islamic since 1979 so that they have some sort of power over womens...this is going to get worst !
  • GradVM reply 2 spirits - well in Ireland those fuckers would be banned :-D 40% maximum strength is allowed only...
  • GradVM reply notice that under soviet rule university students would be routinely locked for the night in separate student homes (gender separation) and fences would be reinforced and any doors locked or welded shut even. Without tight control they would go drinking and who know what else... Now you have commies in your universities - enjoy ;-)
  • Lord_Drale reply welp, I made it.
  • RazzyT reply VIDME IS THE BEST BOI
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