Antifa + BLM are Terrorists

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply It seems these are coordinated attacks because they are happening in all places around the world where the ISIS is trying to intimidate and take over
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply this guy is very good and he has tones of info on it, I have seen his videos over the years
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply I think so, too. These terrorist attacks cannot be all false flag operations.
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply they are coordinated attacks because the priest/Emom or how ever you say that, they tell them to attack because they hate all or us and preach that we are all infidels
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply they are all coordinated attacks just like when they attacked the embassy attacks that happened to many of them but the media only showed the American one, when senator Sevens was murdered and they didn't send any help when help was 3 to 6 hours away,
  • [ – ] redbullcorona reply AfD supporter says she HATES Angela Merkel
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Oh yes, and I hate Merkel as well. Thank you for the link. I voted for the AfD, but am not a party member. Merkel is a menace, not only for Germany, but for all of Europe.
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply don't you find it very odd that no one seen the moon just an eclipse, every time I have seen an eclipse you always see the moon before and after, I think what was happening is the planet Nibiru crossing,
  • [ – ] jgibbon61 reply Check out "EYE WITNESS KKK ANTIFA BLM ON SAME BUSES " on youtube. Don't know if its real but I thought you might find it interesting.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, they were bused in on the same buses. Paid actors, crisis actors. I am not saying that most of these people are fake, but there were paid agitators on all sides. And one of the big donors is George Soros.
    • [ – ] Lachingadera parent reply clinton is a corporatist, like trump. corporatists are fascists. i'm against fascism. i'm a pacifist, anti-war. democrats and republicans are pro-war. if i'm against war, against the fascism of the 1%, am i a terrorist? NO, BUT IM AN ANTI-FASCIST. do the math.
      • sowhat-vidme parent reply It does not exactly help the cause of the Antifa, if they attack innocent people, even women and children. It is also not very admirable to vandalize, set cars on fire, destroy stuff. Masking themselves also is not very nice to see. I know that there are probably a good number of people in the Antifa movement who mean well and do not do these things. I also know that there are some actual hardcore Neonazis, but they are comparatively small in numbers. But I have yet to hear why exactly Milo Yiannopoulos could not finish his speech at Berkeley, or why Ann Coulter was threatened when she wated to speak there.
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