Judges Who Fret Over Trump’s Motives Are Ignoring US Judicial History

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Moral relativism, Every Culture has their own moral relativism, to see it one need only look at the Middle East, where women are stoned to death. Homosexual are thrown off the roof. People are executed for witch craft. Laws change and moral relativism is present in Canada, Divorce laws change, Drug are legalized. Sharia ISLAMOPHOBIA laws enacted. My point is if you allow in Muslims eventually they will demand that Gays are thrown off the roof. Satanist killed for witch craft. The CBC is a propaganda machine using our TAXES to Brainwash people to accept Carbon TAXES. The illusion is that we think for our selves, when Hollywood and the main stream media work together to impose there changing rules on everyone. The only thing that remains consistent is they think were their cash machine. Trump said he ran against the main stream media, people voted for him because they know what your saying is that the Government is using it's power to rob us of our freedoms. With LAWS, TAXES, PROPOGANDA,...more SPY WARE, TECHNOLOGY, IMMIGRATION, ETC.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Trump needs to sew the first Judge for violating the Constitution the Second attendant where it clearly states that immigration is in the decision of the President of the USA. The law is clear, these Judges are picking and choosing which laws to enforce. Sanctuary cities are illegal and these Judges are ignoring this violation of the law. The army should be called in and these corrupt Judges arrested and tried as traitors of the USA under a Military trial.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Trump needs to adapt his stagey, He needs to create several special investigations into Democrat corruption and bribes and money laundering. Spicer could break the news during the daily press briefings and issue a warrants for the arrest of the Democrat. Trump could have a special Justice that he can trust release the details of what they found and why their seeking prosecution. Trump needs to drain the swap or it will keep attacking him on everything he does. Even a hand movement is attacked by the media, Trump needs to start putting a stop to this with law suits on the media. Bernie sanders wife is under investigation for Bank Fraud, what did Bernie know about his wife's actions. Also did he and Tim Kane know they were taking peoples money to support Bernie when it was already decided that Hillary was to be picked. Voter Fixing is what they did when they picked Hillary, yet they ran the scam with Bernie to keep collecting money for the DNC. Corruption charges and Voter fraud is what ...moreboth Bernie and Hillary should be charged with. Pelosi needs to be brought inform of a review panel to see if she is competent to remain a Senator as she seems very confused all the time. It's obvious that she is very sick and unable to make a decision. These questions need to be asked and the public need to see if she is should be in such an important position when she seems so mentally unstable. The independent media can help expose these Satanic Democrats to everyone as Trump will get no help from the main stream media it's up too the Alternative media to expose their corruption.
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