USPSA stage at PCSI April 1

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  • [ – ] TheHumbleMarksman reply what a hose fest! Nice. Lim Minor?
    • [ – ] Pink_Pnther_69 parent reply limited major...was an extra fun stage at the meet, 1 rd per target...
      • [ – ] TheHumbleMarksman parent reply Glad to hear you're doing it right. I shoot production because my willowy weak wrists cannot handle the manliness of a fotay ess n dubya
        • [ – ] Pink_Pnther_69 parent reply It was either a 2011 in 40sw or an FN longslide in 9mm...and my longslide was having issues...
          • [ – ] TheHumbleMarksman parent reply the wicked truth is I don't want to reload 40 S&W - and I don't want to spend multiple thousands of dollars on new blasters. I'd probably snag a pair of tac sports or tanfo limiteds . When my shadows wear out I'll do some soul searching.
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