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  • RayBees reply Awesome thx man
  • [ – ] RayBees reply Im not sure if you did this on YT but a breal fown of your AI placement and what triggers and behaviors you gave them
    • BopkinsPlaysDOOM parent reply Sure, that's something I didn't focus on too heavily in the YT video, so I'll make a video that goes more in depth on AI placement :)
  • [ – ] RayBees reply Hey jr! Any unique videos of P S Y C H O T R O N you could throw up here?
    • BopkinsPlaysDOOM parent reply Just the same ones I posted on my YouTube channel where I was requested to play it myself. Was there something you had in mind? I don't mind making a VIDME exclusive if there was something specific you wanted to see from that map.
  • RayBees reply *break down
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