Flat Earth Theory AKA How Can People Be So Stupid

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  • [ – ] EddieK914 reply Flat Earth, only hurts for a little while. 😎
  • [ – ] AnnaRammel reply Flat earth is unbelievable?! How do they explain day and night then?
    • Dajjad parent reply they dont explain how flat earth works, they tell you how your thoughts are wrong
    • JCrawf79 parent reply Flat earth comes from mythology. Egyptians and Greeks had sun gods that were in charge of the sun chariot. The moon herself has been associated to goddesses. From that perspective, it was not meant to be 'science' as in the modern understanding, but it was a form of knowledge that meant to convey nature through a connected relationship. The basic element of the interconnectedness still remains a theory in science, though, often referred to as the Singularity, or other times as the theory of everything.
  • JCrawf79 reply Ironically, Aristotle, the same philosopher that argued about why not to trust one's senses, used his senses to claim the world was flat. It doesn't disprove all of his philosophies, and his biggest failure proved one of his major points.
  • [ – ] rjhgforce reply If the sun and moon were a great deal smaller and closer! Apply this thought to the UN map and have the sun/moon circling above.
    • Dajjad parent reply and its still a bunch of BS, even IF the soon and moon were smaller and closer, which they arent
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