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  • GaryTurbo reply I never got the hate, the only downsides is the stupidity of the main human character and his son and the casting of Ben Foster as a mage. The casting of Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga made me feel like I'm watching an episode of Preacher. The digital effects are amazing in 3D and Paula Paton is a bad honey. For somebody ho hated the games I thought it wasn't bad
  • Platypus67 reply The killing of "black hand" was stolen from "The 13th Warrior", the fight between the huge wiking and the 'asterix'-looking small one.
  • [ – ] slyofwar reply Well I couldn't have done better if I made this movie it'd be a few minutes of Warcraft until I got bored and played something else considering how this movie came out in 2016 I'd probably switch to DooM
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I am so glad that you didn't give this a low score because of the inaccuracies to the original game. (Unlike some people...) Truth be told, I have no problem with taking characters, lore, settings, etc. from video games and making movies/TV Shows with them provided they are good.
  • JinOkubo reply I liked it as a stand alone, a sequel may fix the story line.
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