Vidizen Vlog: Are Incoming Youtbers Unfair?

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  • [ – ] LMarucha reply I'm perfectly fine with bigger youtubers coming in. It's intimidating but if more people don't come in, vidme will just die out from not having enough traffic.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Finally! What I have been saying to others, many people worrying that they will come here and always be in the hot page or big YouTubers come and just upload their vids with 0 followers. But I 100% agree with you, well said. Nice to see a civilized and calm response to this topic.
    • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames parent reply I understand people getting upset and worried but we don't need to be. Unfortunately, people tend to react strongly to things now a days.
      • moviemac parent reply What?! How dare you?! I am so aggravated and upset and ... ... triggered? I will NOW BEGIN TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS TO CONVEY MY UPSETNESS! ALSO, EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!! all of them... I feel the urge to march in the street with a picket sign and burn effigies of politicians or pop stars or ... ... ... the stock market?
  • [ – ] MetalheyCentral reply I should't matter if they bring over their fan base. It brings more traffic to Vidme and since it's a smaller platform with smaller creators, a chance of that YouTubers fan base discovering someone else they like will go up. It's good for the community.
  • [ – ] Socore reply Great video! I agree, if you don't like someones content you can choose not to follow it.
  • [ – ] Awkwardvideos reply The biggest problem with big youtubers coming over to vidme is they are uploading tons of their videos. Vidme is already getting overcrowded and full of crappy videos. So every time a youtuber jumps over to vidme and starts uploading 100's or even 1000's of videos at a time it makes it harder for people to find smaller channels and videos. And soon, just like on youtube it is near impossible to discover small or brand new channels so in that way it is very unfair.
    • [ – ] Kutangelwings parent reply I agree, there are already to many junk videos crowding this site
      • SharkPlaysGames parent reply this place has a buttload of junk videos that aren't even tagged because this used to be a dumping ground for reddit. hell, i'm sure you can even find some isis recruitment videos around here if you look deep enough LOL
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply i understand you. that's been going on since I've started here. fortunately, this site has the "random creators" link over under explore. also, they have the team picks which usually features a creator that hasn't had much exposure yet. i have faith in the team that as the site grows, they will figure out and create new ways that will give smaller creators a good chance to get noticed.
  • MegamanNG reply As a YouTuber of ten years myself, I don't mind. I don't want vidme to die. I want it to thrive.
  • [ – ] ToyBountyHunters reply Well said, great insight!
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply Awesome video, my man.
  • [ – ] TheRebCast reply got a good thing going. NOCLUETUBE is old news
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply Actually, I've tried to encourage youtubers to give vidme a try. A lot of the big youtube channels may never come over here anyway.
  • [ – ] Snare_X reply I came from YouTube but I don't havr a big following. Figured will give me a better chance to get noticed unlike the sea of YouTube.
  • moviemac reply Surely the influx of "big name" YouTubers will pressure to go commercial, and those with an overly passionate fan base might bring some of the infamous "trolls" and "aggressive fanboys/girls" with them... But, to be fair, excluding anyone one on the grounds that they are already popular would defeat the purpose of a creator friendly environment... I know that my own videos lose views to bigger names that cover bigger movies, but I'm just in this for the funsies... Also, apparently "funsies" is not a real word...
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I think you have an interesting point here, however I have no concern for the big channels which I find some of them arrogant with a big ego on them as fame has gotten into their hands, I'm concerned for the small channels that worked hard on to get their content out there for some exposure, but for some big channels saying that they take over Vidme which is really unnecessary, VidMe is not only big channels but it is also small content creators like myself to rise and get a chance to be in the spot light, so really VidMe is for all of us as a whole of this community, as for myself I am not here to over VidMe, I am to create videos that I love doing, and this is what I intend to do, grow my VidMe channel and make my videos consistently this year and beyond and If I grow my VidMe channel, I will not end up being like those arrogant big channels on here like the ones on youtube who are big lapdogs who cause drama and being an egotistical pig, because i know full well the audience hates t...morehat, if anything I will step aside and stay humble as i can on this website and if anyone other big channels decides to have a go at me with their bullshit drama for the sake of views and followers I will ignore them completely, I rather be myself and stay loyal to my own following Army and keeping my own reputation on this website clean, I may face my new and old rivals and enemies coming on this website very soon and I am up for the challenge! That's when i call myself the red Artistic Knight and since I joined this website on the year that vidme launched their website, I will promise myself to keep my VidMe channel in good standing through generations to come from good times and the shit times, the only I don't want vidme to do is go through the same mistake as youtube did, as I don't want vidme to sell it's website to google or any other big corporations because it lead to a disaster otherwise.
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply it can be an ego thing. getting a following can do that to people. it takes a lot and says something about someone who is still able to maintain themselves after getting so high.
  • [ – ] DamienSmith reply Who's "WE" ? Is an exclusive club where newcomers aren't welcome? Why are videos that the owner doesn't personally like kept from the front page? People are wanting to leave YouTube to escape that crap. If wants to be a bubblegum/fluff/games site only then they should make that clear to people signing up.
    • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames parent reply the front page is based off of what people have been giving attention to. there's a separate tab that's designated for the owner's/moderators' likes.
      • [ – ] DamienSmith parent reply Not true. He has said that political video are not eligible for the front page.
        • SharkPlaysGames parent reply ya. political videos. that's not all videos and not what the owner personally likes. the front page is built up from views and upvotes from the users. i don't know why political videos can't make the front page. try asking them yourself. they are very good about responding to emails. they may not respond right away (because they're only a handful group and are pretty swamped i'm sure) though.
  • [ – ] PissedOffPrepper reply Thank you. I'm new on both Vid.Me and YouTube and therefore I am concentrating on a persona for each but still sharing all of my content.
  • [ – ] JustAnOpinion reply Small Youtubers are in the same space as every vidme user. And as long as bigger youtubers make exclusive vidme content then that is great!however if vidme just becomes a garbage dump for big youtubers then it wont really help the creators of vidme.
  • [ – ] WillyMacShow reply Short, concise, unscripted. I love these kind of videos Shark
  • victuruslibertas reply We bring in a large fan base that will eventually discover, YOU !!!
  • victuruslibertas reply Right on, Brother.. Good video
  • MarchoBomb reply good video!
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