Chinese Karaoke night - When a vlog goes sideways

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  • vlogs-and-such reply oh jeeze! i couldn't stop laughing at the NovFox bit!
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I'm sorry the beer didn't work out for you. But seriously, how do you fuck up a pilsner?
  • lambdog76 reply Karaoke started getting popular in my town about 1992, around the time I first started driving. There was a particular evening I was supposed to go to the library to study, but instead went to the mall. At the Mall which had a rather large crowd, there was a promotional Karaoke setup that the group I was with simply could not resist. We sang love shack by the b52s and really nailed it being a boy girl group. Unfortunately, being the whole town was there, someone, actually several people told my parents of my performance at the mall. My Dad was proud and mad at the same time, because I fibbed about the library, but that I was with the in crowd doing cool kid stuff. I didn't get to borrow the car that weekend for any more cool kid stuff.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I actually like chinese food, I definitely don't like Indian curry dishes, there mild, is not mild to my delicate taste buds. This explains the previous video LoL woohoo now you're singin' the real stuff, Eagles.
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