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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Ooo.. you're tips are really good. I love you're comedic timing with the jump cuts are solid gold. I've actually been taking notes every time I watch your stuff.
    • [ – ] Bobtoronto parent reply Wow! That is such high praise! Thank you so much. 'Solid gold'. That was so kind :-)
      • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply I make sure to catch your videos when I can. You crack me up and always put me in a better mood.
        • [ – ] Bobtoronto parent reply You have been a great supporter of the Bobtoronto channel and I really do appreciate it. I, myself, always enjoy your entertaining vlogs. They always make me smile :-)
          • MarzieMalfoy parent reply Awww, thank you so much! 💜 I'm starting to get used to talking into the camera nowadays .. although, sometimes I get distracted by the preview screen to make sure I stay in the camera hahaha
  • DragoNate reply Thanks for all the tips Bob! This vide was also pretty fun to watch! Regarding the intro/outro, I've thought about that before, but every time it escapes my mind so I'll start adding that in there again! -My editing software is Magix, so it's capable of a lot of things ;) -zooms I'll usually use to show something closer up, but I see how it can be used to make a point. -jumpcuts I find give more of a comedic effect, which I'll often use in gaming videos (on YouTube) -music I have been kinda leaning away from using because I've heard from some people that they dislike it for regular vlogs because "the music wasn't there when they recorded" (quoted) Again, I really appreciate you making this video and all your suggestions and everything! Oh, and yes, it's totally fine to say that my parkour stuff is sexy ;)
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