The 2019 Movement- Climate Change and the New World Order

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Using a Religious argument on NON religious people doesn't work, because they don't believe that there is a god. I do and agree with you, that Globalism is about control. The Anti Christ will be based in the Middle East, so he won't have total control of the world, until the rapture. For we are the light of the world and when we stand up they fall. The Actors need to be ridiculed as they should be, make them look stupid put a Goat head picture impaled by the cross, or a Actor trying to walk on a floor shaped like triangles with bloody feet. Show their imagery as that of the fool. Put a goat head hat on a cat or dog with the words Pussy hat. Here is a great example. A GREEN BARET BRUTALLY SLAMS GWYNETH PALTRO'S COMPARISON OF TWEETS TO WAR!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Here is another solution that will destroy the energy transmission system. This fake solution will make the electrical demand increase by at least 30 times. The entire power transmission system would have to be increased so much that it would cost Trillions. Cars are rated in HP most are said at 100HP. They claim electric cars are 80 HP. 34KWh 34,000/746W one HP. is only 45HP. So its rated for city drive time only I guess. The power to charge your car, comes from the coal power plant. The 34 kWh to travel 100 miles which is a sales pitch. What is 34,000 Watts, a Microwave is 1400 Watts. 34/ 1.4 = 23 Microwave oven running in your home and the neighbors home, think of it every home across the city using the equivalence of 23 microwaves to recharge there car every night. The result is there will be a boom in power plant construction. Lets not forget the transmission system that would have to be increase five fold to handle all the additional capacity. What happen if the power goes out y...moreou won't be able to charge your car now the storm has you trapped. When 30 Million people were stranded when the power went out, or 700 Million in India. When everyone starts using power to charge their cars. The electrical system will collapse fast and the cost of rebuilding will ( Drive , LOL) your power cost for everything that you currently do through the roof, to say this is unexpected or is it a planned consequence. Wind is unpredictable and Solar is a fake solution.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The faulty SCIENCE the fake solution of Solar, which lacks energy density. They want to create a crisis by destroying dependable energy sources, dive up our cost so as to imprison everyone in energy debt. If the Scientist took a critical look at this BS they will see it all for show, but the cost of this fake solution to fix a non problem. Areal Density of solar energy measured in Watts/ SQ meter. Would that be on a roof that can adjust to the right azimuth angle every day of the year and tracks the sun all day long. Some sites give the amounts between 150 to 200 Watts / SQ meter. To power a 1500W Microwave oven in peak sunlight would require 10 SQ meters. There is talk of power storage with batteries from the future, well then you'll eat sometime in the future also and cars of the future will fly also. Even the best are not 100% efficient and they need to be kept heated, vented and Replaced and disposed of safely, They loose their charge even if their not being used and within a yea...morer or two they can't hold a full charge. If you want to go Solar you will need to store a minimum of 2/3 of the energy produced in the day to power the night. Every time a power source needs to rely duplicate power production your actually increasing the total cost of the entire system because the coal power plant has to provide for the entire electrical load, so the solar has save you nothing but increase the total cost to the system for everyone. The best current solar power could do is reduce current peak power demand, too bad that doesn't occur in the middle of the day when the sun is at it's highest. Solar isn't even an option when your too far of the Equator for example 1//2 the year your in total darkness. The cost of Solar only makes sense when they TAX your Diesel too make Solar less expensive, then they use the TAX on the Diesel to subsidize the Cost of the Solar panels. Tesla‚Äôs Powerwall Home Battery: The Stuff Worth Knowing
  • ClimatePonziLie reply TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to watch this video Before it's too Late... Chemtrails - HAARP & Weather Manipulation - Meteorologist Decode Methods 'Climate Change' Bill Whittle on Climate Change...all 4.5 billion years of it. Climate Change Fraud Exposed. (NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE) Watch this video before it's too late Part 2 Scientist Decimates CNN's Brian Stelter on Global Warming Hysteria The Sad Truth About The Paris Climate Accord
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Globalist are attacking on several fronts, they want to cause confusion in peoples children. The vast members of ANTIFA have come out of the Universities, that have been feed this Climate Change BS. ANTIFA Recruiting High School Students To Protest Trump - Caught On Camera in California 2017 04 20 Oath Keepers - Exposing the hidden structures behind an Antifa riot
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