Steem powered Prepping!

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  • [ – ] Lawborn reply Interesting mineral supplements. A whole video could be made just on supplements.
    • geordieprepper parent reply True that, although these and a couple bottles of Boron are literally the only ones I have. I'm not a fan of supplements but at the minute I think I need some.
  • [ – ] PREPVETUK reply Steemit & Crypto Currency income - thats great... A great reward for photos! Two thin pairs may solve your blister problem? I didn't know pitrock did a spray! I'll check em out, Currently using something similar, but its a stick. I dont use shower gel any more, just a long lasting soap... Take a look at Nigerian Black Soap... Keep going man thats a good achievement.....
    • geordieprepper parent reply Yeah, I've spent years doing prepping stuff not had a single dime from doing it. I bosh up a few photo's and I earn over £85 squid. Maybe I'm in the wrong game lol!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I know how hard it is to stay motivated, just stay true to yourself, when you're happy everything else runs smoothly. There's some good ideas in that Amazon purchases.
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