THE WORST E3 IN YEARS? | My Thoughts on E3 2017

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  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Im a huge fucking faggot!
  • MichiganerE reply A few very minor flaws with the video footage, but nothing worth going back to and fixing in my opinion. Anyways, I forgot to ask this in the video, so I'll ask this in a comment: What's your opinion on the Xbox One X? Are you interested in buying it? Do you not care to buy it? If you already own a PS4 (or PS4 Pro), could you see yourself switching over? Would you buy this to have along with your PS4 (if you already own it)? Let me know, I'd be interested in seeing your answers. Anyways, hope you enjoy the video! Got plenty of new shit cooking up REAL soon!
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