Arab Countries Unite Against One Of Their Own, And It's Bad

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply I think it's about Money, Iraq went after Kuwait for money as they had a small population and great wealth. I suspect that because of falling oil prices and ever rising defense spending in the region the need to fund raise is no longer voluntary. They want some one that has money to fund what ever they have planned. The culture of Islam demands (teaches) coercion to get power and stay in power if not outright treachery are example of how to conduct Government and foreign affairs, the prophet used fake peace deals, and alliances which end abruptly after the enemy is defeated. Islamic alliances are an ever changing plan look at Afghanistan. Peace isn't in the Quran, just a alliance out of necessity. That is what were seeing in Qatar. This leads to the actions your either a dictator or a martyr. [The Full Video] Bahrain's army deliberately kills peaceful protesters
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