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  • [ – ] neo4812 reply this is one of the best underrated animated movies ever!
  • [ – ] 3pendragon reply Who else thought the battle for the net segment was another vidme lag
  • Hewy_Toonmore reply This feels like a classic episode of Nostalgia Critic. Way to go, man! :D
  • [ – ] ScottSand523431 reply Sawyer's singing voice IS Natalie Cole. Not an impression
  • znushu reply Cats don't dance? Strange cause my cat dances all the time in-front of the television when a nature documentary is on.
  • [ – ] Skinner147 reply How can anyone be for Net Neutrality? It's a scam! Net Neutrality is funded by George Soros to censor the Internet. Say no to Net Neutrality!
    • [ – ] BowToKenneth parent reply How is it censorship to force an open Internet that can't be censored or tiered off?
      • [ – ] LeftHeadGrave parent reply Because who's going to govern the net now? It's the FCC, a group rife with scandals because presisdents/senators/so on weaponize them. So you like Trump? Cause he'll be in a prime position to force his view of neutral. Maybe you'll like the next guy more, or whoever's in charge of the FCC. Also, look at Germany or other places that have government patrolled internet. Germany is going after people for facebook posts now if they don't like what they see and I'm not going anywhere near that slippery slope. An ISP I can at least punish by taking my business elsewhere.
        • [ – ] Skinner147 parent reply Yep, I fully support Trump.
          • LeftHeadGrave parent reply It was more to BowToKenneth since I'm noticing most people who support Trump don't want net neutrality. But honestly, it wouldn't matter who's in charge of it now since that will change regularly and it only takes one person to mess up any good idea... And this isn't even a good idea. It's just a pretty name for something that's really shady.
      • [ – ] Skinner147 parent reply No, that's the lie they are telling you. #NoToNetNeutrality
        • [ – ] BowToKenneth parent reply I'm not for patrolled Internet or FCC control. I'm for open Internet.
          • Skinner147 parent reply Well that's not what Net Neutrality is for. Net Neutrality is for censorship and control of the Internet. Let's say if someone post something that someone doesn't like they will be able to censor it. Say no to Net Neutrality
  • AstroLizard reply I really liked he used the Net Neutrality video at the start. Something important for everyone that enjoys the internet.
  • BrandonCroker reply I feel like this and Gay Purr-ee are some underrated animated talking animal movies. Also, Zootopia joke.
  • TheFerbguy reply I really liked this one as a young kid and I still enjoy it
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply While this film is sound on the technical level, and has a generous use of traditional animation principles save for one: this film has no real appeal. Plus, Marc Dindal is no Bob Clampett, Jimmy Murakami, Jack Hannah, '38-'55 Friz Freleng, John Kricfalusi, or '38-'57 Chuck Jones. Hell, Gene Deitch, Ralph Bakshi (despite Wizards and Lord of the Rings), Post-UPA John Hubley (before Martin Rosen kicked him off of Watership Down), and Pre-Roger Rabbit Richard Williams are better directors. To be fair, it did have original ideas, but there were too many suits meddling in the production, which is why it ended up the way it did. Imagine if this film had a better director at the helm such as Milton Knight or Eddie Fitzgerald.
  • tay94 reply You just made my day doug
  • LeftHeadGrave reply So to start off nice, never really looked at this movie twice but it actually looks neat. I may have to take a look at it.... However, since you put that net neutrality thing in the video I do feel I need to respond with my two cents with something I've posted elsewhere. All these pro-internet neutrality folks I think haven't considered a few things. First and foremost, who governs the "neutral" net. It's the FCC, you know, the people who have had a bunch of scandals because they've been politicized and turned into a weapon multiple times. So think about it, do you want Trump in charge of what's "neutral"? Did you want Obama in charge of it? You want any person with that sort of power because looking at Germany right now and how their government is going after people for facebook posts I really don't. As for all this "the ISPs are the only ones who benefit", you realize they don't like each other, right? They need to compete for our money and there's a lot more wealth in the ...moremany poor-middle class people than the few rich. So an ISP does something scumy they can immediately be punished. The FCC does something scumy, they'll get more money to "fight" the issue and just snowball. Net neutrality sounds nice, but it's impossible. The closest you can get to true neutral is straight consumerism. So let net neutrality die and let me decide what's best for me.
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply I love this movie! :3 I remember when you said you'd never review it...when's that review of Nell?
  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply I cant believe theres a Nostalgia Critic video where he praises a movie
  • AstroLizard reply Yeaaah that little girl is creepy. Like, creepy creepy not even in a cute way.
  • jccritic reply The soundtrack is amazing
  • Nathan_Sample reply I remember seeing this movie growing up, but I never liked it that much because the Shirley Temple girl creeped me out.
  • WoWzerGamer reply 😊 Saw this when I was a kid and liked it a lot. Still a pretty cool movie. 😃
  • TuringTestFailed reply This is my cyberspace.
  • color-theorist reply "Humanwashing" i love it But seriously it would be so great if the commentary was actually intentional.
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