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Cataclysmic Event Happened In Space And NASA Don't Know What Happened. Still Don't Believe In Planet

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  • [ – ] SuniB NASA knows something, they don't want out. The more I know about NASA the less I trust them. Thank You J for always staying on top of this.
    • [ – ] jerzeydolphins parent let us not forget when nasa was presented with questions about planetx just a few years ago and they laughed at us,Now they have a website where you can help find it now ! i call BS, they probably gonna hack and fry computers of those who join
      • j7409skynews parent Hi jerzeydolphins Thanks for watching and the upvote. No i have been in those programs for years on looking for asteroids and this planet9 site for about a month. I haven't had any problems from it. I think the problem is eveerything we get has either been doctored up, or its so old the things could be on us before we know the truth. Take Care my friend.....Peace and Love..J
    • j7409skynews parent SuniB Yes i agree with you all the way. Thanks for the upvote and comment. Please tell your friends about this site. I would appreicate it. You take care..Peace and Love..J
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