I don't hate or "despise" AT

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  • [ – ] jhirzel88 reply Alright, its time I admit this. I appreciate everything that MrATAndreiThomas does! I ALWAYS had! Everything that has spelled problems for him, especially the impersonators on Discord, has caused him a lot of grief! He's under a lot of "pressure" right now! I actually just watched his latest video, and he is very, VERY angry about what's been going on! In fact, he's more angry than he's ever been. You can't really label someone as being an angry person, because there's always that ONE thing that can push anyone over the edge! I am sure that even YOU have had such experiences! Your negativity isn't needed, and it never made anyone else's life better! It only made you feel better because you are letting everyone else know about it. The view botting claims against MrATAndreiThomas were false and you know it! He didn't viewbot anything, and its obvious he has no knowledge of such things. I on the other hand, viewbotted my VStreamers channel back when that website was around, but yet VERY f...moreew people noticed. Heck, I even view botted my ZippCast channel before they shut down the 3rd time. I didn't get any hype about it like MrATAndreiThomas did when he had high channel view counts. Why the hell didn't I get any hype? I also got thousands of subscribers on dozens of YouTube accounts. Imagine that? I did worse things here on YouTube than AT did, even worse than all the fake sub channels he made on ZippCast. I had over 100 YouTube accounts suspended because of WHAT I DID!
    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply He was banned from both Zippcast and VBF for veiwbotting. For the breif time we were on the same side because he was rightfully banned from Zippcast a second time by who is most likely Maklarr for harassing someone but he thought he was wrongfully banned by Louis, he even admitted to viewbotting when he was banned the first time. I can even try asking Spiderfan if he still has a screenshot of it or ask the admins on Vidi Nation (which he was banned from for spamming or something, probably because I tried to tell him he was rightfully banned from Zippcast can't clearly recall) to retrieve his comment. You want to know why no one cares about you? You're not even close to the same as him. Do you have an ED page? I bet not. Do you even comprehend the real reason why he has one?
      • [ – ] jhirzel88 parent reply I made a mistake, even though AT admitted that he botted his channel views, he may have been forced to admit it, even though he didn't really do it.
        • Mattwo parent reply We were allies, in his deulsions, he even thought we were friends. There was no pressure there.
      • [ – ] jhirzel88 parent reply Well, although the view botting on ZippCast MAY be true, there's no way you can know for certain. That's the point I'm getting across. You may think he's view botting, but you'll never know for sure. Back when AT was banned from ZippCast, I believe that Cameron banned him, not Mak. The reason why I don't think Mak banned him was because he actually commented on his channel and his videos, and they were all things like "Thank you"! and "I hope you enjoy your stay on Metajolt". It could be possible that Mak thinks that AT has learned his lesson by now. However, because he did harass whoever it is that banned him, I don't see how that person would still comment on his videos. And no, I actually don't have an ED page. That would explain a lot! The reason why AT has one is because of the whole Happy Tree Friends thing. By the way, I'm sorry for getting so lengthy on this reply, but Mr AT obviously hated the Happy Tree Fanbase the ENTIRE time, and even posted a YouTube video about it (ho...morewever it is now privatized). Obviously the show was an inspiration for him, but the fanbase wasn't. Clear and simple!
        • Mattwo parent reply You haven't read the page have you? The thing about ED is that most of the articles there are just harshly worded slight dramatizations of what really happened. In AT's case, the truth was barely altered at all. RedExec said AT was getting tons of views from London but none of his supporters are from London and I trust RedExec a thousand times more than a narcissist like AT. BTW if you're wondering why it matters so much, artificial traffic is against the rules of basically every video sharing website.
    • Mattwo parent reply I'm not going to lie, I misguidedly helped put him back in a negative light where he could be harassed by sociopths, I take full responsibility for that but honestly, he brought all this upon himself.
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