Manchester Bombing and Dream Fulfillment (Arena/Stadium Dream Warning)

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  • Trap_Luverz reply In a world where terrorist attacks happen across the globe on the's not hard to understand why people are going to have dreams about such events. The human brain is remarkable and we dream crazy shit all the time. I had a dream that my mom died once and it was a horrible dream. My mom, like all people will die one day for sure, but that dream or nightmare obviously won't be connected to her death in any way. Dreams are just dreams. Also, I fail to understand how having some premonition about such a horrible attack would help anyone. No one is gonna stop living their life and going out to fun events. You really can't protect yourself from something like that. Can you? Sending peaceful vibes and tranquility to those who were affected by the horrendous events that happened in Manchester 💞☮️
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