Doom II: Hell on Earth (Doom 4 For Doom) [18] | The Courtyard (100%)

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  • [ – ] HeadcolorsTV reply I...I've never seen this mod before. Now I must have it. RIght this minute.
    • [ – ] FluffysGames parent reply D44D certainly makes gameplay much more frantic, crazy, and entertaining, especially with Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment (which I will be doing next, after I finish Doom II: Hell on Earth), or other map mods, like Maps of Chaos for Doom II. I definitely recommend giving it a shot. :D
      • [ – ] HeadcolorsTV parent reply Give me your honest opinion on something, new follower: should I keep doing my Retro Run series? Is it something you would share with your friends and followers? Because if so, I'm thinking of tackling things along the lines of obscure titles, mods and homebrews/repros.
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