Is the Zhiyun Smooth Q worth the money? - Unboxing & Review

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  • [ – ] gridsleep reply Don't have a smart phone. Don't care.
  • [ – ] EPIC-BLASIAN reply Yeah I was wondering about that buzzing noise...😜 Your 🐱 was trolling you again...😆 Footage looks stable 👍 You have a lovely home too. 😉
    • jrswab parent reply the buzzing turns out to be the mic picking up the gimbal moving around and keeping the phone steady. So I probably won't be using this while talking and mostly just for B roll.
  • [ – ] JaseR75 reply Okay, had to comment again, because I commented before the vid was over. The footage was pretty awesome! Looked great.
  • JaseR75 reply LOL Handy, somewhat dandy...just like this vid.
  • [ – ] BibleandBlues reply Did you ever figure out what the static buzz was?
    • jrswab parent reply In this videos buzzing is the mic picking up the gimbal moving around. The other videos has some odd noise sometimes but not all the time. I do have to put my phone in airplane mode when recording to avoid some crazy buzzing.
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